Domain Name Registration in 2015!

In 2015, we see a few trends happening with the cheap domain name registration service providers.

More gTLD's

Will you jump on the gTLD bandwagon? Should you? More and more gTLD’s will be gaining introduction in 2015 for domain names, but will we see an acceptance of them. While some clever uses are being made, people still admittedly love the .com. That’s what they remember and will try to get when doing an initial search for names.

Only upon unsuccessful attempts to find the com of their choice, do they consider alternatives. This still seems to be .net, as a second choice, and many choose to use .ca (for people in canada) as the next top choice if its available.

What we see people using gTLD’s is to keep their branding — ie. registering DOMAINNAME.GTLD to prevent cybersquatters at the moment — and we recommend you do for ones that would fit your industry.


We see the gTLD trend continuing!

Domains for Private Blog / Microsites

The other big trend we see happening (already is), but even more is the creation of multiple microsites to market and brand companies. In essence a “private blog” network to link back to the main site and drive traffic.

Multiple avenues of driving traffic need to be considered, and with Google having more harder methods of optimizing their search results, people will try niche microsites to target keywords and gain organic traffic.

With this there will be a larger need to register more and more domains and get alternative domain extensions.

Hope 2015 is an enjoyable year for everyone in the domain and web hosting industry.