Domain Consolidation

Domain Consolidation gives you the ability to consolidate all your .COM and .NET domain name renewal dates into the same expiry date. So if you now have expiry dates such as Jan 12, 2010, July 9, 2009 and Sept 18, 2011, you can set all of these domains to expire on the exact same day, lets say Sept 18.

No more will you have your renewal dates tied strictly to your initial registration date. Keep an easy date to remember for all of your .COM and .NET domain name renewals so you never miss an expiry date. Make it easier for yourself to remember. Your domains will not be scattered across the entire year, but the same day.

Let’s see how this works with some visual guides:

  1. Log in to your Domains at Retail Account
  2. In the left sidebar you will see the link for “Consolidate .COM & .NET Renewals” or you can just click the link here.
    Consolidate .Com and .Net Domain Renewals
  3. Next a page will load with a list of Available domains:
    Available domains to consolidate
  4. Click the Domains you would like to Consolidate, or click the double arrows to select them all, as you will likely want all domains expiring at the same time for easier maintenance
  5. Next you will select the Month and Day you would like the domains to be consolidated to, agree to the Terms and click Continue
    Change Domain Renewal Length
  6. You will now be at your Shopping Cart and complete the purchase as normal, and you are done.

    Pricing is determined by the number of months adjusted per domain and has a one month minimum. Currently Public Domains are Just $1.50 per month per domain, while Private Domains are just $3.00! The price to ConsoliDate a private domain name includes the extension of the Domains By Proxy® private registration service.

    Quite easily through the Control Panel you can use Domain Consolidation to remove your headaches of remembering all those expiry dates, and make it into one easy to remember day.