List of new gTLD’s in 2014

Today’s post is to just give our customer’s a clearer picture of what gTLD’s are available for you to now register on Domains at Retail! A gTLD is a generic Top-Level Domain which you may have heard about like “.GURU”. The registration and renewal prices may vary depending on what domain you are after (standard and premium tiers), as they are determined by their Registry — and the value of the domain name is what drives it. Our price will always be the lower we are able to sell it for, so you get the cheapest domain option and most of the options available will fall under the lowest tier.

List of Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD)


Will you be taking the dive in and getting your own gTLD? Maybe sell some used.CLOTHING, or list some computer.PARTS. Either way now is the time to secure those options before they get saturated and all the names are gone!