Unlimited Multiple Domain Hosting

Did you know with Domains at Retail Deluxe and Premium Shared Hosting Plans you get Unlimited Multiple Domain Hosting!

That’s right, you can have Multiple Domain Hosting and the limit is Unlimited. Multiple Web sites may be hosted within a single hosting account, sharing the same disk space and bandwidth quotas.

Hosting Plan Deluxe Hosting Premium Hosting
External Domains Unlimited Unlimited
Subdomains Unlimited Unlimited
Multiple Web sites Unlimited Unlimited
Alias Domains Unlimited Unlimited

This is true for both our Windows Shared Hosting and Linux Shared Hosting. How does this work to your advantage? Let’s do a case study:

You Need: 5 Small Web Sites hosted with an expected average hits of 300 per day. Each site will at most be 20 MB. One site will contain video of size 50 MB.

Analysis: Those 5 websites will total 1500 hits / day. They will need storage space of 100 MB for the site, plus an additional 50 MB for the video. In total they require 150 MB of Disk Space.

Conclusion: The Deluxe plan offers 1,500 GB of Monthly Data Transfer. More than sufficient enough to handle all 5 Websites. If you have 5 sites that are more image and video based and need more bandwidth? Upgrade to the Premium Hosting and receive 3,000 GB of Monthly Data Transfer. You also receive 150 GB of Disk Space for Deluxe and 300 GB of Disk Space for the Premium Hosting. This is sufficient space to host all 5 web sites.

So how does this benefit you?: If you decided to go with our Economy Linux plan you would only be able to host 1 web site for $4.95 / month. With the deluxe plan you are able to host all 5 websites for $9.95. If you bought an economy plan for each web site you would have paid 5 x $ 4.95 = $ 24.75. You save $14.80 by going the Deluxe Hosting route.

Purchasing the Deluxe or Premium Hosting plan benefits you when you want Unlimited Multiple Domain Hosting. Visit our Shared Web Hosting page to see learn more about our Shared Hosting. Ready to purchase? Visit our Shared Web Hosting Order page.

Did you also know that most people search for the highest bandwidth allowed, but nearly most of these same customers rarely use a tenth of the bandwidth on those accounts.

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