SSH Hosting

As a Domains at Retail user using our Linux Shared Hosting, you can use SSH to connect to your Hosting account. It is not enabled by default, and will need to be enabled to get the SSH working.

What is SSH?

SSH (Secure Shell or Secure Socket Shell) is a protocol used to securely access a remote computer.

SSH is a suite of three utilities: slogin, SSH, and SCP. SSH authenticates both server and client connections and encrypts passwords. SSH is popular among network administrators for accessing and managing remote servers. It can also be a secure alternative to FTP.

To use SSH with your shared hosting account, you need a client that supports SSH. Some FTP clients offer SSH security.

Where do I find SSH on my hosting account?

  • Click on Hosting from your My Products Menu:
    My Products Menu: Hosting
  • Click on Manage Account:
  • Hover over Settings, and click SSH:


Frequently Asked SSH Questions:


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