Standard Interface vs. Direct Purchase Interface

Customers have seen the “Direct Purchase Interface” link under the main menu, when you first visit Domains at Retail. What does the Direct Purchase Interface mean?

Direct Purchase Interface

The Direct Purchase Interface is our way of providing direct access to the pages for you to purchase the domain name and web hosting products you are looking for. When on the Direct Purchase Interface (DPI), the pages accessed from the menu have the functionality to immediately add product purchases to your shopping cart.

The Standard Interface

The Standard Interface provides you some of the same information as the Direct Purchase Interface, but is the entry gateway to your online product purchases. From the Standard Interface pages you are able to read more valuable information that will help you make the right choice and solution for your needs, and provides the gateway to purchase that said product, when you have decided it does indeed meet your product requirements.

How do I differentiate the Domains at Retail Standard Interface and Direct Purchase Interface?

Besides the content’s difference in ability to directly allow you to purchase the domain and hosting products, two key areas differentiate the two interfaces:

1) The Header

When looking at the two interfaces, the right side of the header will let you know what interface you are currently on. In both interfaces, the “Home” menu item will always take you to the main home page on the Standard Interface.

Standard Interface Header:
SI Header Img

Direct Purchase Interface Header:
DPI Header Img

2) The Menu Color

The two menus differentiate in color to help distinguish the two interfaces.

Standard Interface Menu Color – White:
SI Menu Img

Direct Purchase Interface Menu Color – Dark Grey:
DPI Menu Img

Happy shopping on the Domains at Retail’s web site and find all your domain name registration and low cost web hosting needs!