How to Start a Blog

Happy New Year to everyone from Domains at Retail, and onto our first blog post of the year “How to Start a Blog“.

Whether its your New Years resolution to hit the Internet with your own flavor of your ideas and discussions, or you have always wanted to start up a professional or personal blog, we will give you to the answer to the questions “How Do I Start a Blog“?

Two Blogging Options exist:

1. Use our Professional Blogging and Podcasting tool “Quick Blogcast

Quick Blogcast

2. Install a Third Party blogging tool on one of our Shared Hosting plans.


Lets explore your Blogging options:

1. Everything is taken care of and bundled in one ready to go package with Quick Blogcast.

First What is Quick Blogcast?

Quick Blogcast is a remarkable tool that will have you creating the perfect blog and podcast site in no time at all. You will also be amazed at how quick and easy it is to build a blogcast site of your own. With Quick Blogcast you can:

  • Create a professional blog
  • Easily record and upload podcasts to share with visitors to your site.
  • Allow visitors to subscribe to your blog entries and podcasts.
  • Include RSS feeds, Twitter links, Flickr, and many other services
  • Customize your site to suit your taste

Alrite your convinced, Quick Blogcast is the way to go for you. How to start the blog?

First you must go to our Quick Blogcast page, and purchase either the Basic, Economy, Deluxe or Premium Plan.

Take a look at the features you need, and then select the plan. Bloggers only need the Basic plan for first time blogger, but if you plan to add a podcast or any type of sound, you want to go at least to the Deluxe plan made for podcasters. Still not sure which plan is right? At the bottom of our Quick Blogcast page, you will find a “Help Me Choose” tab. Click on the tab to read more about our plans, and which is right for you.

Ok, so you purchased Quick Blogcast. Now what?

We have set up a convenient article for you telling you How to set up your Quick Blogcast Account. Follow the steps, and your blog will be up and running in no time.

Done that? Congratulations, you have just overcome a huge fear of “How to Start a Blog“. You have one now! What’s next though? I have my blog setup, but its empty. You will be sure to want to read these articles:

If you already have a domain you registered somewhere else, you can use our Quick Blogcast Product with that domain name. You will need to the change the A Name record for your domain name and you will be set up. Learn more on What is the Quick Blogcast IP address (A record)

Congratulations your blog is up and running customized to your liking and already an entry in it.

2. WordPress is an amazing Blogging platform for users running Linux Hosting with a mySQL database.

You can use WordPress instead of Quick BlogCast, but it requires a little more knowledge of setting up a database and uploading files to your FTP in most cases. With our Value added applications already attached to your shared hosting, you can install WordPress on your shared hosting account by following a few easy to follow steps, just like Quick Blogcast.

First you need to Navigate to your Free Shared Hosting Add Ons. When you are at the screen for the Value Added Applications, you can search for WordPress among the list. If you have a Linux shared hosting plan, you will have the php and mySQL requirements for the WordPress blogging platform. Simply click the red “Install Now” button, and follow the prompts and you will have a truly amazing piece of software, namely WordPress, installed on your hosting without the cost of paying a designer to install it.

To learn more about WordPress and its own install process, visit the WordPress website.

There you have it! We hope you enjoyed the first article of 2008, and make the right product choice for your own blogging needs when you ask yourself “How to Start a Blog“.