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Dedicated IP

Dedicated Hosting IP

A Dedicated Hosting IP gives your hosting account and website a unique IP address, one that's not shared by any other accounts on the same server. So if you need direct access to your site, even when your DNS records are being propagated, or are planning to add a 3rd-party SSL Certificate, a Dedicated Hosting IP may be for you.

Remember: This service provides a unique address, not shared by other accounts on the same server.

Access your site anytime.
Get to your site even when your domain name is not available, such as during domain propagation periods. Just type your Dedicated Hosting IP address into your web browser bar!

Dedicated IP Plans


$2.99/ month

  • Build your business on its own unique IP address
  • FTP Account Access
  • Accepts SSL Certificates
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What is a Dedicated IP?

A dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) is a unique Internet address dedicated exclusively to a single hosting account. Normally, several hosting accounts reside on a single server and share that server's IP address. Dedicated IP addresses are usually used for large SSL-encrypted secure Web sites and particularly large and/or traffic-heavy sites. Most shared hosting users have no particular need for a dedicated IP address.

However, a dedicated IP address for your hosting account enables you to:

  • View your Web site via its IP address.
  • Access your accounts by FTP or the Web when the domain name is otherwise inaccessible, such as during domain name propagation periods.
  • Ensure fast(er) response during periods of high traffic load.
  • Set up SSL protection on your Web site.