E-mail Campaigns to Market your Company

Internet business owners need to cater to their customers’ needs. How can this be accomplished? One way is to keep in touch and let them know you care. Express Email Marketing, a versatile and easy-to-use e-mail marketing tool does just that.

Express Email Marketing provides the power to reach out to your customers through e-mail announcements, product promotions, surveys and newsletters. Email marketing campaigns ensure customers are aware of promotions and products you are offering. Communicating with your customers allows you to maintain that competitive edge required in the Internet realm.

Express Email Marketing includes a wide selection of professionally designed email marketing templates that let you build eye-catching campaigns and the reporting tools let you keep an eye on how the recipients respond to the same campaigns.

Email marketing campaigns bring up the issue of being labelled as a “spammer”. No one wants this title. Express Email Marketing is carefully built to comply with stringent anti-spamming standards thus ensuring that your e-mail campaigns will not be mistaken for spam once they reach your customers’ inboxes. Only recipients who expressly opt to be featured on your mailing list receive your email campaigns.

What are you waiting for! Build that email subscriber list and market your products to them today!

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