Dedicated Server Available Plesk Features

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The following features are available options for your dedicated/virtual dedicated server as part of the Plesk control panel. Note that the Plesk control panel is available in a number of different configurations. Certain of the listed features require specific Plesk-pack selections. Availability is listed next to each of the items below.

SpamAssassin Anti-Spam Software — Your Plesk control panel provides a configuration interface for spam rules, server-wide or on a per-mailbox basis.
Availability: Featured in Plesk Deluxe and Plesk Pro packs.

Tomcat Support — Tomcat is the Servlet container that provides the environment for executing Java Servlets. The Tomcat software option supports deploying and managing Tomcat Web applications, allowing users to set up hosting with JSP support.
Availability: Featured in Plesk Deluxe and Plesk Pro packs.

Application Pack — The Application Pack is a completely customizable repository of Web site applications that give server administrators the ability to add, deploy, configure, and remove applications for any domain on the system. The Application Vault framework for such applications supports APS (, the new application standard.

APS Applications Available For Installation include:

Noahs Classifieds (adverts) Community, Joomla! Information Portal, TikiWiki Wiki, phpAdsNew/Openads 2.0 (adverts) Adverts, Moodle (online learning) Online Learning, Mantis Customer Support, Serendipity Personal Portal (Linux only), SMF Forum, PHProjekt Productivity Tool, WebCalendar Groupware, Brim Personal Organizer, Post-Nuke Information Portal, MediaWiki Wiki, phpMyVisites Statistic, E-GroupWare 1.2 Intranet Groupware, XOOPS Portal, anyInventory Warehouse/Inventory Management (Linux only), Drupal CMS, MyOrgBook Calendar, AdvancedPoll (Linux only), AutoIndex (Linux only), b2evolution (Linux only), bbclone, Coppermine (Linux only), CSLH (Linux only), DocFAQ (Linux only), DotNetNuke (Windows only), fasttrack, gallery (Linux only), geeklog (Linux only), gtchat, Mambo, merchant, openbiblio (Linux only), osCommerce-2.2ms2, Owl (Linux only), phpBook, phpBugTracker (Linux only), phpDig (Linux only), phpMoney (Linux only), phpMyFamily (Linux only), phpsurveyor (Linux only), phpwebsite (Linux only), phpWiki (Linux only), pLog (Linux only), pmachinefree (Linux only), Siteframe (Linux only), Tellme (Linux only), TUTOS (Linux only), Typo3 (Linux only), UebiMiau, WebShopmanager (Linux only), WordPress (Linux only), xrms (Linux only)

Preloaded applications, Linux only, also include:

Mambo (content management system), PostNuke (CMS), osCommerce e-commerce software, phpBB (bulletin board), gallery (picture gallery), phpBook (guestbook), bbClone (counter), gtChat (chat engine), AdvancedPoll (poll system), AutoIndex (file statistics and file manager), b2evolution (blog), Coppermine (photo gallery), CSLH (customer support), DocFAQ (FAQ system), openbiblio (library ), Owl (knowledge base), phpAds (banner system), phpBugTracker (PHP clone of Bugzilla), phpDig (search engine), phpMoney (account management), phpMyFamily (genealogic tree), phpsurveyor (surveys creation tool), phpWiki (documentation management), pLog (blog), Tellme (network tools (whois, traceroute, etc.)), TUTOS (work process organization), typo (CMS), UebiMiau (Webmail), WebCalendar (calendar), WebShopmanager (online store creator), WordPress (publishing platform (blog), and xrms (customer relationship management)

Availability: Featured in Plesk Deluxe and Plesk Pro packs.

PostgreSQLMS SQL Support — This software option enables users to deploy and manage PostgreSQLMS SQL databases. When you purchase the PostgreSQLMS SQL option, you get the Web-based database administration software PhpPGMyAdmin, giving you remote access to your PostgreSQLMS SQL databases.

Availability: Featured in Plesk Pro pack. Linux-based servers only.

MS SQL Support — This software option enables users to deploy and manage multiple MS SQL databases, locally or remote. Please note that the available Plesk module installs the Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE) – the free desktop version of MS SQL. MS SQL Standard or Enterprise Edition requires a separate license from Microsoft. Thus, Plesk users that wish to use the MS SQL Standard or Enterprise Edition must install and license it themselves.

Availability: Featured in Plesk Pro pack. Windows-based servers only.

ColdFusion Support — Integrate with ColdFusion MX Server v5.x, v6.x and v7.x. ColdFusion is a tag-based, middleware programming language used chiefly for writing web-based applications. Support for ColdFusion can be turned on or off individually for each domain. Note that ColdFusion software and license must be installed separately.

Availability: Featured in Plesk Pro pack.

Multi-Level Help Desk — This system is designed to communicate, track, monitor and manage support issues for users at every level of the system. Organize all of your customers’ support requests from a single centralized location.
Availability: Featured in Plesk Pro pack.

Language Packs — Plesk language packs allow users who speak different languages to be assigned to the same system. Once installed, the languages are pervasive and can be selected at every level of the Plesk control panel. Professional providers use the language packs to enable their customers to easily navigate the interface and view it in the language of their choice.

Availability: One-language pack standard with all Plesk configurations. Support for second language featured in Plesk Pro pack.

Game Hosting — Game Server module allows users to set up game hosting and run virtually any game on their dedicated Linux servers. The module includes Counter-Strike Game Server and Battlefield 2 Game Server.

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