WebSite Tonight has Evolved to 4.0!

Our customers using WebSite Tonight to dynamically create their own web sites will see a change over the next two-week period.

An upgrade has been completed to the WebSite Tonight application, and we are now going 4.0. Yes, version 4.0 of WebSite Tonight will be deployed to current customers using WebSite Tonight in a staggered format, and you will see it show up in your account within the two-week period.

What does this mean for you, the user of WebSite Tonight?

Better Editing Capabilities

Long gone are the days of quick or advanced edit. We have now raised the bar, right to the top for easy access. Click the content box you want to update, make the changes, click OK and you’re done. It’s that easy.

Everything you need is in a box to the left. That’s where you’ll find all the page / site editing tools you need to make your own dynamically built web site. No more expensive web designer fees — you make the changes, add the tools you need and publish the site. No turnaround time — instant updates made by yourself!

What else? Everyone hates too many popups right? We developed the new version with fewer pop-up windows, better image size constraining and resolved content formatting issues.

Well what does it look like? Here is a screen cap for inquiring minds:

Click for larger View

If you’re using WST tonight already, you’ll enjoy the enhancements.

Not using WebSite Tonight? What are you waiting for — try it out and see what you are missing.